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Do you support building a pipeline to carry all natural gas across Virginia and under the Appomattox River? We need a plan to boost access to clean and renewable energy which prioritizes businesses that are small and working families. Today’s program is broken and too lots of people in politics simply take money from special interests. We need to also be looking at alternate uses for natural gas, as well as converting waste into fertilizer.

Do you support campaign finance reform including matching funds, transparency of political donors, and boundaries on individual as well as PAC contributions? Dan Helmer on Campaign Finance. What are your specific recommendations for improving healthcare value and accessibility for Virginians? Do you support modifying the present stage individual income tax of 5 % for anyone as well as 6 % for companies, instead to a tax based on progressive rates with lower prices for higher and lower-income prices for higher-income individuals and corporations?

I support a public option, universal coverage, along with Medicare for All. Dan Helmer on Healthcare. We have a moral obligation to ensure every American has health care. I help support expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit for lower-income Virginians as well as increasing the speed on corporations. This means that there will be more doctors, nurses, hospitals and tools readily available in the Commonwealth. Medicaid enrollment has reached forty nine million and often will keep increasing.

As the Affordable Care Act requires almost every person to acquire healthcare insurance, many Virginians count on Medicaid as the primary source of theirs of care. Lib Dem losses were particularly intense in regions until now covered by Nick Clegg’s party, as the Lib Dems put up with more total losses to the Conservatives than any other party. The swing against the Conservatives was particularly amazing in the Eastern English counties of the East Midlands (which had the best swing towards Labour in the entire country), and also the North East of England, nevertheless, the greatest loss of seating was in Cumbria, Lancashire, West Yorkshire and the East Midlands (the East Midlands also received three seats by developing a different political alliance, and lost only 2 – like one seat in the East Midlands).

Labour won twenty four seats that had previously been contained by the Conservatives, 4 more than the 18 seats they gained on the whole in two. Many of these seats had been kept by Labour for over hundred yrs. Almost all of the remaining Labour losses have been in former Lib Dem strongholds – there had been 5 seats forfeited in Norfolk, 8 in Cornwall, 4 in Oxford, and three in Teesdale (though the Conservatives gained five seats). Labour came closest to winning a seat in Ireland that is northern in 2024, with a 5,600 vote margin in the Foyle constituency.

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